Veteran Garage Door Repair | Keller TX | 817-769-8488

Veteran Garage Door Repair | Keller TX | 817-769-8488

Garage Door Opener Repair

You might locate that your garage door opener has actually been offering you problems, so you need to repair it. You can repair it by replacing a motherboard, a photo-eye sensor, the primary drive equipment, or the set-limit buttons. You can additionally examine if the safety sensing units are working properly.

Changing a circuit card

Changing a circuit board for your garage door opener requires a few steps as well as tools. Initially, you require to shut off the breaker as well as detach any cables. Next, open up the circuit card cover. This will assist you to detect the problem and figure out if you require a new board. Next off, remove the old board and also its cord connectors.

You can after that continue to replace the circuit board. The substitute process is very easy as well as takes about 10 minutes. A brand-new circuit card will certainly set you back concerning $80. To protect your new motherboard from power rises, you can purchase a surge guard.

Changing a photo-eye sensing unit

Changing a photo-eye sensor can be a rather simple task. Initially, eliminate the sensing unit from the door as well as ensure it is positioned correctly. If the sensor is angled at all, it may not be obtaining the appropriate signal, which might be triggering the strobe lights. If you see that the photo-eyes run out placement, you may require to have actually a service technician come and fix the trouble.

The photo-eye sensing unit consists of 2 pieces that place on the outside of the door tracks as well as toward the floor. The picture eyes will certainly have a little LED light as well as should be strong in color. If the light is blinking, its most likely the photo-eye is faulty and also will certainly need to be changed.

Changing a primary drive equipment

To replace a garage door opener primary drive equipment, start by eliminating the cap from the chain sheave. Next off, eliminate the two screws holding the drive gear to the gear assembly. Currently, you can loosen the three tension pins. Press them from both sides and afterwards remove them. Then, separate the 3 cables from the garage door opener electric motor. These wires ought to be white, red, as well as blue.

As soon as you have actually removed the old equipment, set up a brand-new one. Be sure to oil it well. Insert the new equipment into the shaft, making sure to align the mounting openings. See to it the equipment as well as gear setting up are positioned properly to ensure smooth operation. Next, utilize a hammer and also a nail to drive a pin right into the brand-new equipment.

Readjusting the set-limit switches

The initial thing you must do if your garage door is not working effectively is to inspect the set-limit buttons. You might require to adjust them to make sure that the door closes earlier or quits before it gets to the floor. You can inspect this by looking at your garage doors manual or online.

To change the set-limit switches, youll need a screwdriver or outlet. Adjust the knob clockwise or counterclockwise till the door goes up as well as stops, or lowers its distance. To look for correct traveling distance, measure the space from the bottom of the garage door to the ground.

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Veteran Garage Door Repair | Keller TX | 817-769-8488 Veteran Garage Door Repair | Keller TX | 817-769-8488 Veteran Garage Door Repair | Keller TX | 817-769-8488 Veteran Garage Door Repair | Keller TX | 817-769-8488 Veteran Garage Door Repair | Keller TX | 817-769-8488
Veteran Garage Door Repair

204 S Main St Ste 105

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